We build and install projects under a wide variety of conditions and circumstances, such as:

  • Any & All Associated Electrical Services
  • Bulk Onion Storage Facilities
  • Commercial retail stores
  • Electrical panels and circuits
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Power installations to mechanical & air conditioning/HVAC systems
  • Permitting and inspections
  • Single and three-phase power for new services and panels
  • Subpanels
  • Lighting layouts as well as new lighting upgrades
  • Exterior and landscape lighting
  • New power outlets for office and hard-use areas; hard wiring for appliances, motors
  • Electrical maintenance such as changing ballasts in lights, replacing lights and plugs
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Motor controls


We work on industrial projects like:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Industrial processing plant upgrades
  • lighting system installations, repairs and troubleshooting.
  • Electrical installations
  • Electrical services and repairs
  • Service upgrades
  • 3-phase and high-voltage install and repair
  • Underground electric
  • Routine maintenance on any and all industrial electrical units


We work on agricultural projects like:

  • Irrigation Pumps & Controls
  • Irrigation Center Pivots
  • Any and all associated electrical services
  • Irrigation pumps, motor repair, and replacements
  • Flexible irrigation scheduling
  • Variable speed drives
  • Process and automation control
  • Control panel building and on-site panel modifications
  • Motor replacement and repair
  • Routine maintenance on any and all ag electrical applications


To date, our team has:

  • Built over 547.25 megawatts of solar power on 31 different sites
  • Installed all electrical work required to carry electrical current from single photovoltaic modules to the point of utility interconnection
  • Completed jobs in eastern, southern & central Oregon, southern Idaho & Eastern Washington and  just completed the first ever solar site in Wyoming
  • We’ve worked on sites as small as 3.5 megawatts and as large as over 80 megawatts